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Living a long and healthy life is the aim of any good wellness program. Having muscular strength, good mobility and flexibility, and knowing your-self on a spiritual level will help you achieve life goals. When you find that “sweet spot” between working out and working in, you have a sustainable approach to the life you want. 

It’s a common mistake these days to get sucked into the hype of the latest H.I.I.T. workout with excessive intensity, focussing purely on how many calories you burn, or thinking that doing handstands is the height of your yoga practice. Although these may have their place, true wellbeing is a place of much more depth and meaning. 

Preferring a holistic approach to fitness based on over 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry, Mark has worked with different demographics, ages and fitness levels, and educates people on the importance of a balanced exercise and lifestyle program, that restores equilibrium in ones body for sustainable and easy-to-maintain results. Mark has certificates in Personal Training, Yoga, Advanced Nutrition, Wellness Coaching, NLP, Integral Semantics and Developmental Coaching, which will assist you in achieving ‘embodied personal development’ on your journey of being well, and living the life you want.

Workouts, Yoga and coaching can be done at home or outdoors, or coaching via skype.



You don’t need to smash yourself in the gym or lift super heavy weights to build strength and be in great shape. In fact, over training can become counter productive, especially if doing huge amounts of cardio to lose weight. Unfortunately modern trends and social media will have you thinking that everything needs to be H.I.I.T. or super intensity training. This is simply not true. Moderate intensity and consistent strength training, with a focus on functional fitness and mobility can be done with minimal equipment and will deliver longer lasting results.

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Working on the inside should be an essential part of any good fitness plan, unfortunately it is often overlooked when it comes to weight loss and lifestyle, as people tend to choose more active exercises to avoid slowing down and being quiet. When you move better, you will feel better, and when you feel better you will think better, which is all part of the feedback loop our mind and body has on auto-pilot. Ultimately our thoughts will drive our feelings, and this is where functional yoga-flows, alignment, self awareness and philosophy will combine to dramatically transform the way you live.



Developmental coaching will introduce you to an exploratory space for you to discover what internal programs, patterns, and filters have been running your life, and holding you back from creating the future you desire. Using a blend of techniques from NLP, Meta-Coaching, Integral Semantics, Enneagram personality typing, and yoga philosophy, transforming your thoughts through self discovery and development will be the shift you need to reach your personal, relational, health and lifestyle goals. With coaching you will gain a deeper understanding of the internal dialogue that you hold with yourself and create lasting behaviour changes.

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