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Get fit in the comfort and convenience of your own home with our online strength workouts, mobility sessions and flow yoga classes.

Sustainable consistency is the key to:

  • Develop functional strength & fitness

  • Increase your energy levels & vitality

  • Improve your mobility & posture

  • Shape & tone-up your entire body

  • An overall feeling of health & wellbeing

Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to all live sessions

  • Access to all classes in the content library

  • Vegan, vegetarian and high protein meal plans

*You need a set of dumbbells for the strength workouts for best results*

What People Are Saying:

“I have always had insecurities about my body size and shape. Mark has taught me so much about the correct way to train and the importance of diet. Marks STRENGTH workouts are the highlight of my training schedule. They are fun which keeps me motivated, and they offer a huge variety of exercises for guarantee results.”


“I started Marks workouts weighing 86.5 kilos and sporting a very tight 34-inch waist size. Just seven weeks later I now weigh 78.4 kilos and am down to a very disco 32-inch waist! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would receive results this quickly.”


“I’ve been doing Mark Moon’s STRENGTH workouts for about the last 12-18 months and the difference has been huge. Not only have I finally lost those last baby kilos, I’m fitter than I was before I had my son.”


“"I have attended both the yoga and strength classes and both were fantastic. Highly recommend the strength class and to go each time as you build on what you did last time. Mark has the ability to facilitate the group with one on one feedback, fun and makes sure we all get out of it what we need - thanks Mark, was totally missing my connection with my gym friends and have found it again with your classes."”

Madeleine Robinson

“"I have attended Mark's classes of both strength and yoga for a long time now. No two classes are the same yet I know how I am going to feel after every class. Better, fitter and smug (see 1st and second feeling), I'm so grateful Mark is there with his knowledge and his care. Even when I stray and come back he wipes the slate clean and helps me get my sh*t together. As they say, do your mind and body a favour and try out his classes. What have you got to lose? Well besides the fat I mean."”

Jo Booth

“"I have been doing Mark's open Yoga classes Tuesday morning and Friday evening for several weeks, pretty much since COVID lockdown and the gyms closed. His practice is based on sound Yoga traditions, integrating several styles and methods inclusively. Each class is achievable for beginners, with all necessary options, but also includes challenges for those more experienced. He sets a new focus each week and sends the background info in a newsletter type email, so participants are learning as they go. He has a real vision for community even in the online world. I have really enjoyed this time of letting someone else teach me."”

Shelley Townsend