A unique program designed to improve health, lifestyle and confidence by enhancing overall mobility, conditioning and wellness. In every session, participants can mobilise, strengthen and restore their body’s equilibrium, empowering them with the strong and supple body required to create and sustain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

Using equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and steps, this fully customisable program prioritises safety and effectiveness, and is flexible enough to enable you to deliver a non-impact, low intensity class, all the way through to an intense workout that will challenge even the fittest athletes. Participants will not only change their bodies, they change their mindset towards strength training, recovery and wellbeing.





In today’s time-poor society it can be tricky to achieve the right balance between the type of classes/exercises and the frequency they’re undertaken, but this is where the success of STRENGTH® Total Body Wellbeing lies – because this one program takes care of it all!

Becoming fitter, healthier and achieving specific goals requires a concise formula to ensure sufficient variation and stimulus in your training, and a holistic approach to achieving health and wellbeing of both your mind and body.

There are many group fitness programs on the market, but STRENGTH® Total Body Wellbeing is uniquely designed as a full-body conditioning and wellness program that delivers comparable results to personal training or gym floor workouts, while maintaining the social atmosphere of a big group session.

This scientifically-based program is designed to empower fitness businesses to better help members and clients achieve their desired results. Using proven principles and structured programming this results-driven workout delivers successful outcomes that are comparable to those derived from one-to-one training or gym floor workouts, yet participants enjoy the unmistakable social buzz and motivation that a big group fitness room delivers.

The typical format of a 45 to 55-minute STRENGTH® Total Body Wellbeing class begins with mobilisation of the body, to prepare it for effective movement. This is then followed with strength conditioning exercises to encourage lean muscle development and decreased body fat – the result of which includes improved energy and confidence. Restorative exercises are then undertaken, to help participants achieve equilibrium for complete wellbeing.

Taking a holistic approach, the program uses strengthening and restorative movements to ensure that every workout generates a positive impact, both physically and mentally, in its participants.

STRENGTH® Total Body Wellbeing is uniquely designed to service the diverse health needs within your community, including older populations and those with musculoskeletal limitations. Clubs and studios can improve their productivity and profitability by:

  • evolving and staying ahead of the game with this fresh, new program that is designed to retain and inspire existing members and attract new members and markets due to the results it delivers
  • diversifying your group fitness offerings, using customisable formats to create a variety of workouts for a myriad of special populations
  • unique programming freedom allows you to add a variety of new classes without having to pay a license fee for multiple programs

STRENGTH® Total Body Wellbeing is a unique program designed to improve lifestyle and confidence by enhancing overall health, conditioning and wellness. In every session, participants can mobilise, strengthen and restore their body’s equilibrium, empowering them with the strong and supple body required to create and sustain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

Participants in STRENGTH® Total Body Wellbeing experience gains in overall strength and energy, as well as lean muscle mass, which contributes to a reduced body fat percentage. The flexible programming offered by STRENGTH® Total Body Wellbeing also ensures that over time, sessions will remain varied and appropriately challenging, ensuring your members/clients remain highly engaged, motivated and empowered to keep returning.

You can absolutely timetable STRENGTH® alongside other barbell programs. In Fact, we encourage it! Make no mistake about STRENGTH® Total Body Wellbeing; this license-free product with multiple teaching formats is no aerobics class! Although it could replace other barbell programs, this is not the intention as the programming and delivery is completely different to other barbell programs on the market.

Clubs can run STRENGTH® alongside other programs as a way to offer more variety on the timetable. You can offer choice, without having to choose. Due to the progressive-loading three-set formula used, STRENGTH® bridges a gap between group fitness and the gym floor, so the program can attract an entirely new audience into the group fitness studio.

The STRENGTH® music is sourced through Power Music, using clickmix, and is PPCA-free. With each STRENGTH® program update, you’ll receive a link to purchase a suggested music playlist, and a video demonstrating the exercises, techniques and teaching tips. Alternatively, you can create your own music playlist using the recommended music speeds, and the program will still work seamlessly. This is a massive point of difference to other group fitness programs on the market.

In the initial training module, instructors will learn how to effectively program their own workouts using multiple pieces of equipment, training modalities/stimulus and workout intensities. Every 12 weeks there is an updated suggested workout available to provide instructors with new exercises and a music playlist to teach as-is, or modify for your specific audience, which instructors learn how to do during the initial training module.


Amy Van Der Jagt

Group Fitness Manager

At Fitness First Darlinghurst, this class has become one of the most popular classes on the timetable, averaging 32 participants over the last quarter, encouraging the introduction of an additional class which is already achieving double the attendance of the previously timetabled class. The program’s simplicity in design allows participants to feel success no matter where they are in their fitness journey, and our members are vocal about just how much they love it. I’m certain it won’t be long before STRENGTH is in more Fitness First sites.

Shannon Cleary

Master Trainer

As a highly respected presenter and instructor, Shannon’s larger-than-life personality and passion has reached people worldwide in DVD presentations and TV appearances as a health and fitness expert. Your team of trainers will be developed to the highest standards, sharing in her 25 years of industry experience.


Each workout begins with a sequence of mobility drills to prepare the body for an extremely effective and safe workout. Here, participants will slow down and tune in to their body by becoming aware or their posture, alignment and movement. Increasing mobility and functional strength gives participants the ability to execute an exercise in any plane of motion. Research indicates that using lighter loads while moving in a variety of directions may be the most effective method for developing integrated strength throughout the entire kinetic chain.


This results-focused workout comprises of three distinct training zones: functional movement, strength and cardio. Each zone uses a variety of exercises, training methods, movement patterns, repetition and speed, ensuring a well-balanced, effective program. In this interval-based strength zone, there are three rounds of work that increase resistance and intensity with each round. Without being restricted you to the music speed, STRENGTH® encourages participants to work toward a goal repetition range reaching near failure to get the best results.


Often underrated for their contribution to overall health and wellbeing, recovery techniques are an essential component of each and every workout as they reset the nervous system and restore the body’s equilibrium. Wellbeing is emphasised in this zone, which includes core integration and torso stabilisation work, flow sequences, deep stretching, and breathing techniques for wellness. Participants change their entire mindset towards strength and wellbeing, learning to train smarter, not harder, and taking much better care of their body.



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