Are you a group fitness instructor, club manager or personal trainer looking for a leading edge in delivering dynamic, structurally sound, and purely motivating strength-based group workouts? Why be defined by rigid formatting and non-adaptable programming? Stand out from the crowd, and learn the skills to develop and deliver workouts that cater specifically for the needs of your clientele, and your facilities timetable.

You’ll lift, laugh, and love your body with this movement-based resistance training program, which includes mobility, endurance, strength, speed and restoration, ensuring a completely modern workout that is as functional as it is powerful and athletic.

STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout is a group fitness program designed to give instructors and personal trainers who teach group workouts a training platform that has the ability to be adaptable to various pieces of equipment, demographics, and intensity levels. Utilising barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, steps and your very own body weight, instructors learn how to deliver a dynamic, safe and effective workout based on a progressive loading format that uses sets, reps and time-frames as the basis of the workout.

STRENGTH® is an uniquely diverse program that will add significant value to any club or studio. Forecast to be a game-changer because it uniquely divides the workout into training zones, STRENGTH® starts with mobility drills, creates heat with endurance training, produces power with strength training, and finishing with the athletic challenge of speed training. This fully integrated approach keeps your body highly engaged and connected, transforming your strength, fitness and general movement ability to new and impressive levels.

You can target an extensive range of demographics, from your baby boomers right through to your millennial’s, because the STRENGTH® program is easily adjusted to cater for a range of different demographics, even within the one class. Your instructors can deliver a non-impact, low intensity class or an intense workout that will challenge even the fittest athlete, simply modifying the exercises they learn during the training module.

The awesome thing about STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout is that your members and clients can work to their own objectives and abilities, within the one workout. We all know that training needs to be changed on a regular basis, not only to ensure the continued development of physical strength, but also for the evolution of resilience and mental strength too. Following the same workout formula for too long will eventually have a detrimental effect on your members’ results, as well as their posture and general ability to move.

STRENGTH® uses sets, reps and time frames, enabling instructors to set their own speed, and tailor the format to cater to the range of demographics within any one class. The training zones in STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout are designed to ensure that participants get to exercise all parts of the body, through multiple modalities, from workout to workout.

Increase motivation among instructors, as the STRENGTH® program saves them hours by not having to constantly learn new choreography. All the music used in STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout is completely bridge-free, there are no uneven formats, and the program uses a progressive loading format involving sets, reps and time-frames as its foundation.

The industry knows that choreography is extremely time-consuming, especially when it’s set to music that contains bridges or uses an uneven format. Essentially STRENGTH® instructors only have three things to learn – the exercises, the reps or time-frames and the coaching tips for each workout zone – then their good to go! STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout is currently run as a two-day face-to-face course which delivers 10 CEC points through Fitness Australia, and Level B recognition with FITREC.

Yes, absolutely. In Fact, we encourage it! Make no mistake about STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout; this license-free product with multiple teaching formats is no aerobics class! Although it could replace other barbell programs, this is not the intention as the programming and delivery is completely different to other barbell programs on the market.

Successful clubs run STRENGTH® alongside other programs as a way to offer more variety on the timetable. You can offer choice, without having to choose. STRENGTH® also bridges a gap between group fitness and the gym floor, so some clubs find the program attracts an entirely new audience into the group fitness studio.

All STRENGTH® music is sourced through Power Music, uses clickmix and is PPCA-free. With each STRENGTH® program update, you’ll receive a link to purchase the suggested music playlist, and a video demonstrating the exercises, techniques and teaching tips. Alternatively, you can create your own music playlist using the recommended music speeds, and the program will still work seamlessly.

In the initial training module, instructors will learn how to effectively program their own workouts using multiple pieces of equipment, training modalities and workout intensities. Every 12 weeks there is a pre-designed updated workout available to provide you with new exercises and a music playlist to teach as-is, or modify for your specific audience to change the intensity, which you learn how to do during the initial training module.

No you don’t. Although the STRENGTH® program is a registered trademark for a fitness class, and you are encouraged to use the logo after you have completed assessment, we also understand that some names are better suited to certain demographics. Ultimately the STRENGTH® program is a training platform for you to teach resistance training workouts from, which gives you the flexibility to adapt the workout, and the name, to cater for your specific clientele. It’s a win-win situation.

To find out more about this exciting group fitness programming that is delivers game-changing results, fill out your details below to set up a master class in your club or studio. Once your members and instructors experience the results for themselves, your members and your business will quickly begin to reap the benefits from STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout.

Mark Moon

Program Development

With over 20 years industry experience in group fitness, timetable and club management, program creation, program development and instructor training, Mark has a wealth of knowledge to help grow and develop your trainers, your timetable and your fitness business. Get ready to revolutionize your group fitness space timetable.

Shannon Cleary

Master Trainer

As a highly respected presenter and instructor, Shannon’s larger-than-life personality and passion has reached people worldwide in DVD presentations and TV appearances as a health and fitness expert. Your team of trainers will be developed to the highest standards, sharing in her 25 years of industry experience.


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STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout is a barbell-based program, which divides the workout into training zones rather than body parts, track-by-track to ensure an original and dynamic workout experience, that is movement-based rather than being static and isolated.

This integrated approach has your body engaged and connected to transform participants’ strength, fitness and general ability to move. STRENGTH® takes scientifically proven principles and delivers them in an easy-to-follow, progressive loading format with that irreplaceable big room buzz and social atmosphere.


Starting with mobility drills then moving into functional endurance for 15 minutes this zone starts light to learn what we’re working with, then progressively increases in intensity over three rounds to finish well prepared for the heavier power training. The key to functional strength is variability and the ability to execute an exercise in any plane of motion, and research indicates that using lighter loads while moving in a variety of directions may be the most effective method for developing integrated strength throughout the entire kinetic chain.


By this stage of the workout we’re ready to safely engage our body in some heavier power training. This is where we cover the big compound lifts and challenge our body with less chance of injury. This interval-based 10 minute strength zone has three rounds of heavy work increasing overload and fatigue with each round. Unlike other barbell programs that forcefully restrict you to the music speed, STRENGTH® encourages participants to work to a goal repetition range reaching near failure. This is the game-changer and where the real strength results are.


We finish the workout on an exhilarating high in the speed zone with the athletic AMRAP, as many rounds, or repetitions as possible. The goal here is to reach anaerobic failure and challenge your body with no restrictions or limitations, using time-based intervals, tabata and repetition goals. This final overload is the icing on the cake before moving from stress into rest with the restoration stretch flow. Following this training mindset will transform your group fitness trainers into superstar coaches with 10 CEC points through Fitness Australia.


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