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WORKOUT BIBLE PART 3: The low-down on supplements – are they helping or hurting you?

Supplement companies across the world have made billions of dollars selling vitamins, minerals and anything else you can think of… But are they really all beneficial for you?

Supplements can be useful for people who struggle to get everything they need from a well-balanced diet, which I always encourage first and foremost to all my clients. Supplements should complement a healthy-eating plan, not replace it or just erase your dietary sins. Adding the correct supplements can help your body function better and more efficiently, slow down the aging process, help your body repair quickly and handle stress better.

People take supplements because of what they’ve read in a magazine, seen on TV advertisements, or heard someone talk about in the gym locker room, but unfortunately most people don’t totally understand why they’re taking them in the first place. There are a lot of products out there full of chemicals that aren’t great for the body, and they could actually be doing more harm than good.

So how do you choose the right supplements for you?

  • Understand exactly what you’re taking and why you’re taking it!
  • Analyse the ingredients in your supplements. If you’re taking more than one vitamin or mineral, you could be overloading on one particular component or additive and putting your body out of balance.
  • Choose customised blood type vitamins that correct your body’s natural balance.
  • Focus on overall health results, not just weight loss results.
  • Choose supplements that improve your body from a hormonal and cellular level.

Always consult your healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis of any deficiencies and a qualified recommendation. For basic supplementation I would recommend a multi vitamin, multi mineral and probiotic. The brand I use contains certified organic ingredients and each formula is customised for your specific blood type. Check out Right 4 Your Type Personalised Nutrition in my online shop.

The journey to health and fitness starts from the inside out. Know what your goals are, why you’re taking a certain supplement and, most importantly, how it affects your body. Take supplements the right way and they will give you a helping hand on your way to finding a healthier you!


Mark is one of today’s leaders in health and wellness, with more than 15 years’ experience from across the globe. As a celebrity trainer with a continued national and international presence, Mark promotes his well-balanced, holistic approach to fitness and lifestyle through media platforms worldwide.

Mark has created his own online health, fitness and lifestyle brand Get Fit Fast The Complete Workout System with workouts, meal plans and workout schedules available for download at Mark is also a resident trainer on USA digital workout platform Fit Fusion, USA based iPhone application Go Flaunt It, and his home workout DVDs range is distributed through the USA by Watch It Now Entertainment at

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