How To lose Weight – Top 5 Rules of Eating

Do you ever feel like you are eating properly and exercising regularly and still not getting the results you deserve? Ever feel like you are doing everything correctly yet everyone else seems to lose weight on a certain diet except for you? Well there are a lot of misconceptions about diet, exercise and what foods you should and shouldn’t eat that I want to shed some light on for you. This month’s article is the 1st of a 3 part series where I share my rules of eating which focus on sensible food choices, what times of the day you eat and setting a healthy meal plan that you enjoy and can easily maintain. Before we continue I need to stress that this is NOT a diet…I hate that word. This is about setting a healthy meal plan that becomes a lifestyle, a new way of thinking and an easy way of living.

Rule #1: Think before you eat!

Sounds simple enough, but when we get busy, sometimes it’s not that simple. Think about each item of food before you eat it, and ask yourself is this helping or hurting me from reaching my target weight? A lot of the time people think they are eating very healthy but do not realize how much chocolate, sugars and bad carbohydrates they are actually consuming. Like any addiction, these bad guys seem to pop up without you even noticing, so you need to exercise will power and restraint on cravings for poor food choices. Once these foods are eliminated from your current eating habits you make it easier to say no to future cravings. You can lose about 1 Kg a week by simply keeping a food journal, and being aware of what you eat, and not letting any of these bad guys ruin it for you. I guarantee just by being accountable for what you eat WILL make a difference and you WILL begin to see results.

Rule #2: Listen to your body!

Ever wondered why some foods make you feel great, and others make you feel sluggish or even depressed? Why do some foods affect different people in different ways? Just the same as some people have allergies to dust, plants or pets, we can also have the same reactions/allergies to foods and alcohol.

If you know you feel worse after eating certain foods then don’t eat them…no matter how good it tastes! Just the same way people respond to different types of exercise, whether it’s for weight loss, or putting on muscle, there is no set formula that works for everyone. We are all built differently and all need a slightly different plan. So, if it’s not on the food plan then don’t eat it!

In next month’s article I will discuss in more detail about blood types/genotypes, and what foods may make you gain or lose weight depending on what type you are. This will also be helpful in understanding what foods make you feel good or bad consequently.

Rule #3: You are what you eat!

We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” And this could not be truer. If you eat cakes, breads, pastas and biscuits then expect to feel heavy, puffy, spongy, and bogged down. These foods soak up water and are more difficult to digest. Now on the other hand, if you eat salads, fresh fruit and vegetables you can expect to feel and look; light, crispy, colourful, and full of life.

Don’t be fooled by marketing ploys and cleverly placed junk foods at the checkout. Don’t give into temptation while you are waiting in line for your morning coffee and see that bagel, pastry, or muffin that’s strategically placed near the check out counter. Even small amounts of these foods add up and really make the difference in how we feel and the results we can see on our body.

Rule #4: You need less food than you think!

If you are already doing your best to eat properly, and exercising regularly and still not seeing the results you think you deserve then you probably need to be stricter on what and when you are eating. Consuming a 40% Protein 30% Carbs and 30% Fat ratio of you daily calorie intake split across 5 or 6 meals a day instead of the standard 3 will definitely get you the results you are looking for (I will expand on this in more detail, as Part 2, in next month’s blog). This will allow your body to burn off the food you eat as energy and have little to store as fat, which will make a dramatic difference.

Rule #5: Not all Carbs are bad!

Don’t be afraid of carbs, they are not all bad. Your body needs carbs for healthy brain function and to get through the day without being tired and irritable. If you don’t eat enough calories each day your body will actually start to store fat, as a defence mechanism of survival. However, you do need to be aware of the difference between good carbs and bad carbs. Some good carbs are brown rice, black beans, quinoa and sweet potato. Some bad carbs are white bread, pasta, and white rice. Cut down your carbs for dinner, as your body will have a harder time burning off the carbs while you sleep.  Stay away from processed foods, enriched flour, and sugar and incorporate lots of fresh organic vegetables, fruits and meats.

By following these recommendations and exercising regularly you will begin to see your body transform and will get the results you are looking for. It’s not easy. It will take time and dedication like all good things in life. Don’t give up! Once you get into the habit and retrain your body to look at this as a lifestyle change it will get much easier. Focus on taking care of your body the healthy way and not on some fad crash diet that will not keep the weight off. So to get the result you deserve I recommend keeping a food journal and pay attention to all food you put in your mouth. Stay strict and dedicated, as commitment is the key. Eventually it will become second nature and you will feel and look your best.


Mark is one of today’s leaders in health and wellness, with more than 15 years’ experience from across the globe. As a celebrity trainer with a continued national and international presence, Mark promotes his well-balanced, holistic approach to fitness and lifestyle through media platforms worldwide.

Mark has created his own online health, fitness and lifestyle brand Get Fit Fast The Complete Workout System with workouts, meal plans and workout schedules available for download at Mark is also a resident trainer on USA digital workout platform Fit Fusion, USA based iPhone application Go Flaunt It, and his home workout DVDs range is distributed through the USA by Watch It Now Entertainment at

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