Shed Those Winter Layers

Summer is almost here, and for many of us that not only means warmer weather and lots of time in the great outdoors, it also means dusting off the runners from the back of the closet and working on our fitness again.

Seeing as how you have all been diligently following your BT diet through the winter, and we know it’s about 70% healthy eating and 30% exercise, it should be easy to increase your fitness and quickly tone up a few problem areas with some nifty circuit workouts. When getting back into it I have three tips to help keep you going strong right through summer.

  • Try not to be Hercules on your first day back! This is a tough one especially for the guys, but ladies need to pay attention too. The last thing you want to do is get an injury on your first week back. To avoid this, train at maximum 60% intensity for the first week and step it up depending on how you feel from there.
  • Start with a full body circuit style workout that incorporates all aspects of your BT fitness regime over the week. This will eliminate any potential strained muscles or bruised egos. Also, remember to stretch and cool down adequately when getting back into it. Stretching will help with recovery when you wake up then next day wondering what you did to yourself.
  • Plan ahead with activities you will look forward to doing and add plenty of variety to your fitness schedule. Firstly the human body is extremely evolved in the art of adaption, so you need to stay challenged if you want great results. Secondly, you will get better results with more exercise variety as you will recruit more muscle fibers, therefore have a better response. Lastly, you want to stay mentally motivated and excited to be working out.

Super Circuits are my favorite way to train for overall fitness, as you can easily incorporate any exercises to design a workout that’s just right for you. Workouts don’t need to be any longer than 30-45 mins for excellent fitness results. For best results I recommend using an alternating body part formula, placing in a cardio burst every 4th exercise. Check out my example below.

Workout Example

Cardio Burst: Rower/Elliptical/Run – 90 seconds

Upper Body Push Exercise – 30 seconds

Lower Body Exercise – 30 seconds

Upper Body Pull Exercise – 30 seconds

Rest 90 seconds

You will complete four sets through in total. Round one will be a warm up round at about 60% intensity, and sets two, three and four will be at your maximum capacity as your “working” rounds. To incorporate this into the blood type guidelines blood type O and blood type B would repeat this with a new set of exercises for a total of 8 exercises and a 40 minute workout, blood type A and blood type AB would then go into some Yoga/Relaxation to de stress and relax for the following 20 minutes to complete a 40 minute workout.


Mark is one of today’s leaders in health and wellness, with more than 15 years’ experience from across the globe. As a celebrity trainer with a continued national and international presence, Mark promotes his well-balanced, holistic approach to fitness and lifestyle through media platforms worldwide.

Mark has created his own online health, fitness and lifestyle brand Get Fit Fast The Complete Workout System with workouts, meal plans and workout schedules available for download at Mark is also a resident trainer on USA digital workout platform Fit Fusion, USA based iPhone application Go Flaunt It, and his home workout DVDs range is distributed through the USA by Watch It Now Entertainment at

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