Optimal Health with Habitual Nourishment

Habitual Nourishment for Optimal Health

Optimal Health with Habitual Nourishment.

Focus on why you eat, not just what you eat and achieve optimal health with habitual nourishment.

Before we get stuck into it let’s clarify something, if you eat and drink, you’re on a diet. Yes some diets are more nourishing than others, but think for a moment, what your diet really mean to you. You are probably familiar with the superficial definitions around restricting food to lose weight, but a definition I will introduce today is habitual nourishment for optimal health. 

So what does Habitual Nourishment mean?

Habitual nourishment is everything that you consume and digest. This would include food, water, alcohol, medication, drugs, thoughts, beliefs, exercise, television and media. Also anything that comes in contact with your skin like creams and fragrances, plus physical contact with other people too. So if the goal is to nourish the body, what are you really consuming?

Now before I get carved up by the calorie cops, we all know that if you overfill something it will overflow. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure that one out. But lets take a step back from all that for a moment and consider things on a deeper level. What we would call in coaching, a meta level. This is a level above the perceptual filters you have been gifted with during upbringing, advertising and social media conditioning. 

How to discover your underlying beliefs which determine your why.

If you take on the concept of marketing, the way to sell something is to know your why. Why do you offer the service you do, and why should someone buy it? So keeping that concept in mind, how would you market health and wellness to yourself? How would you sell it, and would you buy it? 

A simple way to assess your habitual nourishment is to ask yourself these questions. This process can be applied to anything from the food we eat, to the people we engage with.

#1. Why do you want that? What is the driver behind you wanting to consume that food or drink, buy those products, or be with that person?

#2. How will it benefit you? This is where you clearly define a nourishing need from a whimsical want. Is there real nutritional value, or are you comfort consuming.

#3. What is the value behind said benefit? Regardless of how you answered question two, this is where you determine the value to you. How much value does that need or want add to your life?

The meta value of what we eat and consume. 

What do you believe about the value of question three? Above your thoughts and values will be an underlying belief about what you think you want or need. This will be the determining factor in what you consume, or what consumes you. Let that digest for a moment. 

Short term goals deliver short term results.

People to get attached to superficial diets and quick fixes and they also get misinformed by social media influencers who want to school you about diets based on their own narcissistic needs. This is simply their own attachment to the perfect physique or to portray a certain image. Unfortunately most of the time their image isn’t real, or relevant to you. 

With so much focus placed on the physical body we often forget about the bigger picture. This is why I invite you to ask yourself the above questions and find what’s valuable and important to you. This will help limit getting overwhelmed with all the calorie counting and jumping on the yo-yo diet bandwagon.

I am sure we have all been subject to short term goals over the years, I know I certainly have. Whether that was for instant gratification or the summer body. To portray a certain image to get the guy or girl. Or to fill some void that I thought would make me feel better. The underlying truth was I only ate bad food and made stupid choices when I had negative thoughts about myself. Looking for some form of comfort or escape. 

The takeaway is to know your why. When you know your why, you can see the beliefs that drive you. Only when you can see your beliefs you are able to create new values. When you create new values you will make different choices. Your choices will create the reality of your lifestyle.

If you feel like you may be in need of a lifestyle health check, reach out to Mark for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session.


Mark Moon is a holistic fitness coach with over 20 years experience in the health and wellness space, inspiring thousands of people from all over the world with his boundless energy and passion for group fitness. Mark has experience with different demographics, ages and fitness levels, and has certificates in Personal Training, Yoga, Advanced Nutrition, NLP, Integral Semantics and Developmental Coaching.

Specialising in group fitness, online fitness and yoga classes, as well as designing custom exercise and lifestyle plans for his private clients, Mark teaches in numerous Sydney-based health clubs including Body Mind Life, The Space Yoga Studio, Flow Athletic, Crunch Fitness and Fitness First.

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