New Year Resolutions

Making Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

How many of you have ever made a new year’s resolution about losing weight or promised yourself that starting in January you will go to the gym more and eat healthier? We ALL have! As we welcome the New Year we all make of list of things we would like to do differently, but how many of us actually stick to the resolutions and maintain them throughout the year? The good news is I have dedicated my January blog to making sure that you are able to keep and maintain your fitness resolutions by eliminating the guesswork with recommendations that get results.

This month’s January blog is all about setting achievable goals or “stepping stones” that will build the body you want, but more importantly teach you how to keep it. So many clients come to me and say, “I just want to lose this bit here, or just tighten up this bit there”… and they want it in a week! They fail to realize that the human body works as a single unit when it comes to weight loss, so for best results a full body routine is the way to go.

Other commonly asked questions I hear are, “What do you think is a good amount of weight to lose in a week and how long do you think it should take?”

The answer all depends on how much weight you need to lose in the first place. Also, whether you have done any previous training, how much time you have to train each day and most importantly, how hard are you going to work to get it!

As a ‘healthy’ guideline, 1-1.5% of your body weight is a good amount of weight to lose each week if you want to trim down. So, if you weigh 100kg you should expect to be dropping 1kg or more each week for the first few weeks. As your weight drops, your loss would be expected to decrease too. For example, when you get to 90KG you would only be losing 0.9kg each week. Please note that when I refer to weight loss I am talking about ‘real weight’ as opposed to just ‘water weight’ that can be easily lost by simply deleting most carbohydrates from your diet. So, as you can see if you need to lose 10kg or more, it’s a going to take a few months of dedication, training, and changing your eating habits. Remember weight loss is an equation of calories in V calories out, plus a combination of becoming more active and increasing your lean muscle.

To really maximize your results some other factors need to be considered as well. It is important to not just be focused on weight loss but to examine and incorporate well-rounded and balanced fitness goals. For example, improving the amount of time you can run at a certain speed, the number of push ups, squats, shoulder press, pull ups or bicep curls you can do.

Here is a very simple breakdown of a 12-week starting program I use with my clients that gets great results. Within those 12 weeks, I break it down to 4 smaller 3-week goals. The reality is when you are working at something so hard, 12 weeks can be a long time to stay focused, and it’s easy to give up. So by setting 3 week benchmarks it greatly improves motivation as you can see your weight drop and feel your strength increase. The key is as you reach your goals you set new and bigger challenges. This leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and also motivates you to reach the next level.

In summary, to get the most out of this New Year and operate at your full potential it is essential to maintain balance and consistency in your workout regimen. We all dream of having the perfect body but it doesn’t happen overnight. I recommend setting a long-term goal, and then break that goal down to smaller more manageable short-term goals to stay motivated and not get overwhelmed. And remember, if you stay dedicated and put in the time you will reach your fitness goals!

Below is another client success story! My client has achieved AMAZING results in both weight loss and muscle tone producing a very healthy outcome!

Date started: 2/8/11
Starting weight: 63.5kg
Chest 90cm
Waist 71cm
Hips 91.5 cm
Biceps 28cm
Legs 58.5

Results as of 10/11/11 
Current weight: 58kg, that’s a 5.5kg loss!
Chest 84cm down 6cm
Waist 67cm down 4cm
Hips 85.5cm down 6cm
Biceps 25.5cm down 2.5cm
Legs 53.5cm down 5cm

These results were achieved by working out 1-2 times per week with Mark Moon Fitness in a 1 on 1 session, and also participating in approximately 6 exercise classes a week including FIT™ STRENGTH™ and CYCLE™ with Mark Moon at City Gym Sydney and following a healthy, calorie controlled meal plan.


Mark is one of today’s leaders in health and wellness, with more than 15 years’ experience from across the globe. As a celebrity trainer with a continued national and international presence, Mark promotes his well-balanced, holistic approach to fitness and lifestyle through media platforms worldwide.

Mark has created his own online health, fitness and lifestyle brand Get Fit Fast The Complete Workout System with workouts, meal plans and workout schedules available for download at Mark is also a resident trainer on USA digital workout platform Fit Fusion, USA based iPhone application Go Flaunt It, and his home workout DVDs range is distributed through the USA by Watch It Now Entertainment at

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