nutrition Sep 22, 2020


I hear so much talk and confusion with people around the word “diet” in regards to what we do and don’t eat, and what people should and shouldn’t eat.

I personally am not a fan of the word “diet” what I am a fan of though, is eating a balanced meal plan built on clean proteins, carbohydrates and fats, timed out evenly across the day to keep you energised and satisfied.

I believe that your eating should be planned out the same as anything else in your day or life….would you expect to have a productive day at work if you planned out nothing, recorded no appointments in your diary, and just “flew by the seat of your pants” ?? No….you would achieve nothing, feel de-motivated and have even more work to do tomorrow and probably have some explaining to do to your boss! Would you expect to remember everything at the grocery store of you wrote no list, or had no idea of what you had to get? No! Which means planning out your day makes perfect sense right? So why should we not apply the same principles to our daily eating?

In general its about being sensible, eating in balance and moderation, allowing yourself a cheat meal…. to remind you how terrible junk food makes you feel…but its about not going overboard.

Over the coming months I will be writing regular articles in relation to good clean eating, and what foods to avoid so you don’t get cravings, I will also be posting what some of my favourite meals are, and asking you to post what things you eat to give other readers a few options.

Below is one of my favourite meals on my menu

150g Grilled Lean Meat (chicken or beef)

100g Brown Rice or Sweet Potato

1 Cup mixed vegetables- broccoli, beans, carrots

All placed on a bed of mixed salad and spinach leaf, with a drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar and 10ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

*All quantities are cooked weights*


Mark Moon is a holistic fitness and wellbeing coach with over 20 years experience educating people on the importance of a balanced and sustainable approach to their health and lifestyle. His philosophy is to teach people to think long term and big picture about how they want their life to look, and uses modalities such as strength training, yoga and life coaching to help them create it.

As a dynamic and down-to-earth trainer, Mark believes there are three key areas to sustainable fitness: MINDSET – NUTRITION – MOVEMENT – and when optimized, there’s no limit to the personal, professional and wider life goals you can achieve.

You can join Mark’s online fitness and yoga classes, or find him teaching in numerous Sydney-based health clubs including Body Mind Life, The Space Yoga Studio, Flow Athletic, Crunch Fitness and Fitness First.

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