How Do I Find The Motivation To Lose Weight?

Everyone can do with a helping hand when it comes to motivation, and what may be motivating for one person may not be motivating for another. I have a tip that I use to help keep me on track when I need it, and I am also curious about motivation tips you have to help stay on track that may assist other workout users.

To help motivate you to send your tips in, I will give a free download, of your choice choosing from  STRENGTH™ FIT™ EXTEND™ or CYCLE™ program 1 to the most creative 5 tips!! (During the month of December 2011)

I like to use what I call the picture method. You find a picture of the body that you aspire to have and pin it on the fridge, use it as the wall paper on your phone, and as the back drop on your computer at work. This way every time you go to get a snack out of the fridge, go to order take away for dinner or are feeling like a snack at work, you can look at the picture and be reminded what you are working to achieve….works for me every time.

Happy Training!!


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