Month: November 2012

Summer workout tips to get your rocking beach body! Summer is here and the sun is out. There is nothing more motivating than getting outside to enjoy the sun as you exercise your way to beach body hotness! As we begin this summer and we analyse our individual personal goals it is very important to

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Food for Thought – How planning your meals will make your life easier. I hear so much talk and confusion with people around the word “diet” in regards to what we do and don’t eat, and what people should and shouldn’t eat. I personally am not a fan of the word “diet” what I am

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Everyone can do with a helping hand when it comes to motivation, and what may be motivating for one person may not be motivating for another. I have a tip that I use to help keep me on track when I need it, and I am also curious about motivation tips you have to help

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Exercise and music are two of the most powerful, energising and enjoyable things in life. They both have the ability to change your mood and energy levels, and usually for the better. How often have you heard someone say “ my training session yesterday was great, I am so sore!” even though they may be

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