About Mark Moon


Mark Moon is a holistic fitness and wellbeing coach with over 20 years experience educating people on the importance of a balanced and sustainable approach to their health and lifestyle. His philosophy is to teach people to think long term and big picture about how they want their life to look, and uses modalities such as strength training, yoga and life coaching to help them create it. As a dynamic and down-to-earth trainer, Mark believes there are three key areas to sustainable fitness: MINDSET – NUTRITION – MOVEMENT – and when optimized, there’s no limit to the personal, professional and wider life goals you can achieve.

Mark believes that when you find that “sweet spot” between working out and working in, you have a sustainable way of achieving the goals you want. He encourages people to stop evaluating sweat or size with success, and instead use less superficial goals like an increased range of mobility while training, an easier movement in daily life that is pain and injury free. Living in the present moment free from non productive thoughts is also a focus, as that may be causing you to have lack of motivation, low energy, anxiety or depression.

In 2010 Mark developed his own range group fitness and home workouts when he recognised a need in the market for programs that could provide participants with increased workout variation, combining mobility, endurance, strength, cardio, core and recovery all in one dynamic workout. Grounded in alignment and functional movement, Mark’s classes are designed for people to feel better, move easier, and improve their overall sense of wellbeing. His teaching style is supportive and encouraging with a genuine passion for helping people “feel their best” each and every day.


Mark has experience with different demographics, ages and fitness levels, and has certificates in Personal Training, Yoga, Advanced Nutrition, NLP, Integral Semantics and Developmental Coaching. Specialising in group fitness, as well as designing custom exercise and lifestyle plans for his private clients, Mark teaches Yoga and Group Fitness in numerous Sydney-based health clubs including Body Mind Life, Flow Athletic, Crunch Fitness and Fitness First. He has written for and featured in publications including Australian Men’s Living, Women’s Health, Ultra Fitness, Fitness RX Women, Fitness RX Men, Austin Fit Magazine, Women’s Health & Fitness, Body&Soul and Woman’s Day Australia. He is also a content creator for numerous virtual fitness platforms such as Jillian Michaels’ FITFUSION and MOVE123.


Becoming familiar with your personal motivation strategy and getting clear around your intentions is essential for creating lasting change. It’s difficult to see behaviour patterns to begin with, so this is where a qualified coach will help.

Yoga - Mark Moon Fitness


Good mobility is paramount in achieving an overall sense of wellbeing. Yoga and stretching classes will help with alignment, tightness and relaxation so people can feel better, move easier and stay injury free while training.


Everything that goes into your body including food, drink, supplements and medication is all a part of your nourishment. How you nourish your body will determine the quality of your daily life from your energy levels to the clarity of thoughts.


You don’t need to lift super heavy weights or smash yourself with high intensity training to be fit and in great shape. Consistency and finding a routine that you enjoy and can maintain will deliver sustainable results without living at the gym.


Contact Mark for more information on Yoga, Group Fitness, Personal Training or Mindset Coaching. Private sessions are available at work, home or outdoors at Ruchcutters Bay Park in Sydney. Coaching sessions are available via Zoom, or face-to-face at Health Space Clinics in Potts Point, Sydney.