40 Day Fitness & Lifestyle Program

Functional Fitness, Sustainable Results.

Have you tried unsustainable high intensity workouts and excessive calorie counting? Have you tried yoga to stretch and reduce stress, but it seemed inaccessible and unachievable? This probably left you feeling more exhausted and stressed, rather than motivated and energised. Unfortunately this is where most people will give up.

There can be a huge gap between the worlds of fitness and wellbeing. Most people tend to gravitate towards one or the other, however when the two are combined the physical, mental and emotional benefits you experience will be life changing. 

If there’s one thing I know after 25 years in health and fitness, it's that flogging your body with high intensity workouts and obsessive calorie counting is not enjoyable or sustainable. It's an exhausting approach that will eventually lead to injuries, stress, and chronic fatigue, having a negative impact on all areas of your life. Training harder is not the answer, training more intelligently is. 

Creating a functional fitness program is a mindful process of consciously and actively thinking about WHAT you want, HOW you can achieve it, and WHY it's important to you. Grounded in a clearly defined plan, my fitness formula provides you with an easy-to-follow guide to upgrade your health and optimise your life.

Learn the foundations of lasting change in a systematic program that is FUNCTIONAL in its approach, keeps you ACCOUNTABLE for your actions, and most importantly is SUSTAINABLE and TIME EFFICIENT. The end result is you will have more energy to overcome your mindset limitations - the REAL reason why people struggle with their fitness and life goals.


set clearly defined goals that will keep you motivated, inspired & accountable


time efficient circuit style workouts will shape, strengthen & tone your entire body


yoga will reduce stress, improve your flexibility & optimise your energy levels

Over time, stress and improper training combined with bad diet choices will show up in your body as tightness, poor posture, and lack of mobility. For this reason our signature workout is a balanced combination of strength and conditioning grounded in alignment and functional exercises. Combined with restorative yoga to stretch, settling the mind, and calm the nervous system, this approach will balance your body and energy, all while integrating the foundations of results that you can sustain.

  • Clearly identify your highest goals with my easy-to-follow 40DAYFIT program that guides you every step of the way
  • Learn to exercise in a simple and functional way, without creating an unhealthy obsession about weight loss
  • LIVE classes help keep you accountable with real-time feedback and support with new workouts each week
  • Reduce stress and calm your nervous system with yoga and mindfulness practices, plus healthy meal planners
  • Get results in a time efficient 45 minutes with workouts that include full-body conditioning and restorative stretching

What our members have to say...

Katherine Kulakowski

Strength classes are so important for older women and Mark always offers alternatives and encouragement. I started doing Mark's online classes in April last year and have not missed a week. The classes are a lot of fun and Mark balances the classes week from week to cover all muscle groups. I also love the Yin yoga classes, especially the one on Saturday morning after the strength class. It’s a wonderful class after a week of sitting at the computer!

Jo Booth

Mark's classes - both the yoga and fitness classes are just exactly right for me. The perfect mix of pushing my athleticism (which isn't huge mind you) and the yoga being about mind and body for the athlete. Not the other types of yoga that I have tried. He knows how to coach a group of people - online and in person. Can't recommend him more highly.

Rebecca Sail

I have never felt so supported in achieving fitness goals. Amazing class - although the class is online, Mark provides support with technique and motivation. Plus it's fun, come join us !!!!

Madeleine Robinson

I was totally missing my connection with my gym friends and have found it again with Mark's classes! I have attended both the yoga and strength classes and both were fantastic. Highly recommend the strength class and to go each time as you build on what you did last time. Mark has the ability to facilitate the group with one on one feedback, fun and makes sure we all get out of it what we need.

Donna Woodrow

Just completed an online Yoga class with Mark. He has a lovely energy and he's easy to follow. Thanks Mark!

Rob Pyke

Marks STRENGTH workouts are the highlight of my training schedule. They are fun which keeps me motivated, and they offer a huge variety of exercises for guarantee results. I have always had insecurities about my body size and shape, but Mark has taught me so much about the correct way to train and the importance of diet. 

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