Fitness is a journey, and it's one to be enjoyed. While it’s great to set short term goals to measure and appreciate your successes, remember that living a healthy, fitness lifestyle, is a daily practice. To do this, you need a mindset that goes beyond the 90 day challenge, and you need to sift through the “insta-fitness-model” BS, to set yourself real, achievable, and sustainable goals that are functional for YOUR life.

GET FIT FAST™ is a tried and tested formula based off real client results, adaptable to both male and females of all ages and fitness levels, that will give you the tools to set the foundations for lifelong change. It’s like having a personal trainer in your back pocket, ready to go when you are!




What one thinks, they ultimately become, and the thoughts you have on a daily basis will dictate this. By following a simple thought-process you can set daily intentions that will ultimately create the life and body you want to live in. Change your thoughts, change your actions, change your life.



Food is simply fuel for your body, and while it can be tempting to fall for the calorie-counting trap, or the eat six meals a day philosophy, it really doesn’t need to be that complex. A combination of intermittent fasting, sensible portion control and balanced nutrition will create a healthy body.



You don't need to bust your gut in the gym every day to have a great body. In fact, overtraining can have the opposite effect you are working so hard to achieve. Our interval training system uses short, precise, workouts including elements of strength, cardio and active recovery for sustainable results.


I started with Mark after an injury, I’d lost my confidence and motivation. 5 weeks in and I’m feeling great, back on track and more motivated than ever! I’m just kicking myself I didn’t start training with him 2 years ago.


I feel very privileged to have Mark as a trainer! Mark understood the pressures of my job, as cosmetic doctor places on me and I love that his focus is always on keeping me fit and healthy. He has an expansive knowledge about fitness and nutrition. Mark is undoubtedly one of the leading health and wellbeing experts in Australia.


I have always had insecurities about my body size and shape. Mark has taught me so much about the correct way to train and the importance of diet. Marks STRENGTH™ and FIT™ workouts are the highlight of my training schedule. They are fun which keeps me motivated, and they offer a huge variety of exercises for guarantee results.


I started Marks workouts weighing 86.5 kilos and sporting a very tight 34-inch waist size. Just seven weeks later I now weigh 78.4 kilos and am down to a very disco 32-inch waist! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would receive results this quickly.



I’ve been doing Mark Moon’s STRENGTH™ and FIT™ workouts for about the last 12-18 months and the difference has been huge. Not only have I finally lost those last baby kilos, I’m fitter than I was before I had my son.


Why Choose Get Fit Fast™

Get Fit Fast™ is backed by 20 years of research and real-time industry experience training clients of all ages, and fitness levels. Mark Moon’s extensive knowledge in trainer mentoring, program development, and presenting at National and International Fitness Conventions is all captured and presented in a single program to boost your fitness, mindset and vitality.

Mark’s program development process includes teaching the workouts in his live classes. This fine-tuning ensures each workout is easy to follow, safe, adaptable to various audiences, and most importantly results-driven. While catering to current industry trends with an up-to-date approach, Mark realised there is no one-size-fits-all formula, so he educates his audience on the importance of self-awareness and self-observance, to determine what workout style gets the best results for them.

Mark Moon’s experience training one-on-one, as well as large groups, combined with a certificate in Wellness Coaching and NLP Practitioner, is why Mark Moon understands how different personality types hear, process, and implement information. This is a crucial element in clients being able to understand the information being communicated, and clients feeling connected and successful with the new information. Ultimately this is the differentiating element, and why people not only get results from his workouts, they keep coming back. Week after week!

Mark Moon holds a Cert IV in Personal Training, a Certificate in Nutrition, a Certificate in Wellness Coaching, and is a Certified NLP Practitioner, with 20 years of extensive industry experience from across the globe. Mark Moon’s signature program STRENGTH® Full Body Workout has gone through the stringent certification process to be registered with Fitness Australia for education credits.