Are you a health club or studio owner looking for an exciting new barbell program without the expensive licensing fees? Are you a group fitness instructor looking for a fresh new program to teach, that doesn’t require days learning choreography? Are you a small group or personal trainer looking for some new programming ideas to mix up in your sessions? If this sounds like you, then STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout is just the program you have been looking for! A group barbell program that incorporates functional and up-to-date training methods that will not only change your body, it will change your attitude towards group fitness.

The unique combination of weights, cardio and mobility exercises take a scientific approach towards each and every workout with a focus on the exercises, reps and sets, and time-frames, NOT the music. By utilising a time-frame based, three-set system, we prime our body with mobility drills to achieve more productive and safe workout sets, before finishing with active recovery.

Because the choreography element is removed from STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout, participants have the ability to work to their own goals and not be restricted by the music, or needing to “keep in time”. This means both male and female participants can maximise their results due to the ease of self adaptability.

Throughout our lifespan, maintaining lean muscle and mobility will be the key factor in living and long, healthy and active life. Unfortunately resistance training is often pushed to the side by cardio for weight loss, however studies show that increasing lean muscle has far greater long-term benefits on maintaining your ideal weight than cardio alone.

Mark Moon

Program Development

With over 20 years industry experience in group fitness, timetable and club management, program creation, program development and instructor training, Mark has a wealth of knowledge to help grow and develop your trainers, your timetable and your fitness business. Get ready to revolutionize your group fitness space timetable.

Shannon Cleary

Master Trainer

As a highly respected presenter and instructor, Shannon’s larger-than-life personality and passion has reached people worldwide in DVD presentations and TV appearances as a health and fitness expert. Your team of trainers will be developed to the highest standards, sharing in her 25 years of industry experience.

UPCOMING STRENGTH® Instructor Training Workshop (Sydney)

Date: Saturday 17 February & Sunday 18 February 2018
Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Location: City Gym, 113 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 201


STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout is an all-over functional conditioning program that encompasses five essential components of a balanced and effective group barbell training workout including Mobility, Endurance, Strength, Speed and Restoration.

This program is a game changer in the world of group barbell programs, taking scientifically proven resistance training principles into the group fitness studio and delivering them in an easy-to-follow, progressive loading format.


The key to functional strength training is variability, measured by the ability to execute an exercise in any plane of motion while avoiding injury. Recent research indicates that using lighter loads while moving in a variety of directions at different velocities may be the most effective method for developing integrated strength throughout the entire kinetic chain.


STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout educates participants on the importance of multi plane movements with variation in exercise selection, load, speed and intensity, with an adaptable format that creates an exciting opportunity for trainers to deliver varied workouts and new training objectives while still maintaining program integrity, safety and participant engagement.


Transform your group fitness trainers from instructors into coaches. STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout’s programming can be delivered in multiple formats suitable for large group fitness classes, small group training sessions and even one-on-one training. This makes STRENGTH® suitable for group fitness and personal trainers alike. 10 CEC points with Fitness Australia.


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