About Mark Moon


A fitness trainer and well-being coach with a 20-year-strong career in developing content for the fitness and health industries, Mark Moon has extensive industry experience from across the globe. Mark has inspired a multitude of individuals with his relentless energy and passion for fitness.

A Sydney-based trainer with his successful lifestyle program GET FIT FAST Mark specialises in group fitness programs as well as custom diet and exercise plans for personal clients. His focus is connecting mind and body to achieve optimum and sustainable health results by coaching thought processes and a lifestyle that aligns with your individual goals. 

Mark holds a Cert IV in Personal Training, a Certificate in Nutrition & Wellness Coaching, and is a Certified NLP Practitioner, believing there are three key areas to ultimate health – Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness – and when they’re all in sync, there’s no limit to the fitness and wider life goals one can achieve.

Throughout his career, Mark has worked alongside some of the most experienced program designers and taught in some of the most influential gyms. In 2010, Mark developed his GET FIT FAST – Lifestyle Program – his range of cutting-edge fitness programs that combine the perfect balance of strength, cardio fitness and core.

Mark is currently the Group Fitness Training Director for City Gym, Sydney, where he also resides as a personal trainer. As a strong advocate of the express workout with a growing client base addicted to his unique motivating style, clients and class participants describe his genuine desire to help people reach their health and lifestyle goal as both infectious and motivating.

As a dynamic and down-to-earth trainer, his packed out group fitness classes and loyal client base are testament to this. Mark is passionate about educating the public on the importance of portion control, as opposed to “counting calories”, and the dangers of unrealistic expectations and body image issues.

As a leading well-being expert, Mark has written for and featured in publications such as Australian Men’s Living, Australian Golf Digest, Ultra Fitness Magazine, Fitness RX Women, Fitness RX Men, Instinct Magazine, Austin Fit Magazine, Remark Magazine, Body&Soul and Woman’s Day Australia.

Mark is also a resident trainer on USA digital workout platform Fit Fusion, and his DVD range is distributed throughout the USA by Watch It Now Entertainment who produce some of the biggest names in fitness such as Bob Harper, Madonna, Billy Blanks and Jane Fonda.


Throughout our lives, we use our mind more than anything else, so you better be using it wisely. What one thinks, they ultimately become, and the thoughts you have on a daily basis will dictate this. So change your thoughts, change your actions, change your life.


Move it or lose it may sound like a cliche, however incidental exercise is the most simple thing, which can reap the greatest rewards. The more movement you can do on a daily basis outside of the gym, the healthier and more mobile your body will be.


Food is fuel for your body, not your friend in a stressful situation. Comfort or stress eating can cause over-eating due to the instant gratification some foods can create. A combination of intermittent fasting and blood type diet nutrition will help create a healthy mind and body.


You don’t need to bust your gut in the gym every day to have a great body. In fact, overtraining can lead to overeating due to the higher energy requirements. Practice short, precise, interval training workouts which contain elements of strength, cardio and recovery for the best results.


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