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GET FIT FAST is the complete workout system optimized for your individual blood type needs. Shape up, lose weight and get fit in just 30 minutes a day with FULL-BODY WORKOUTS. Fuel your body for maximum energy with EASY-TO-PREPARE MEALS. Nourish your body from the inside out with NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT.

get fit fast

blood type o

Needs intense physical activity to get in-shape

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get fit fast

blood type a

Calming exercises will reduce inflammation

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get fit fast

blood type b

A balanced variety will keep you fit and healthy

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get fit fast

blood type ab

The first steps to losing weight and being active

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"Mark first started to give me advice when it came to diet and exercise in 2010. A year on I cant help but wish I had done this sooner! I spent many years depressed and obsessed over my weight which at its peak was 115kg and standing only 175cm in height I was a large guy. I have ... Read Moremanaged to drop to 76 kilos, a weight I never thought I could achieve! I can now walk with my head held high, don't avoid social situations, have more confidence than I ever have before, feel comfortable when I go shopping and comfortably fit a 32 jeans and a Medium T-Shirt - a big change from the 36/38 and XL shirts. My change, thanks to Mark, has been a lifestyle change not just an interim change."- Ben Anderson

lost 39 kilos!

"I started Marks workouts weighing 86.5 kilos and sporting a very tight 34-inch waist size. Just seven weeks later I now weigh 78.4 kilos and am down to a very disco 32-inch waist! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would receive results this quickly. Marks workout vi... Read Moredeos provided me with a workout regimen that I could perform on the road when a gym is not available, so I’ve been able to continue getting results when on the road and unable to maintain regular gym sessions. I feel confident that I will maintain the goals that I have achieved to date--I’m having way too much fun in my newer, more energetic weight."- Chuck Roberts

lost 8 kilos!

"I love Mark's workouts. They are always challenging and fun. I've never been intimidated by them as you can pace yourself through them and challenge yourself to get the results. Even though I am a busy woman I make time in my schedule for Mark's classes because I k... Read Morenow the type of workout and result I am going to get. If I could package him up and put him in my pocket when I go away for work or on holidays then I would...Oh wait, now I can."- Jo Booth

lost 12 kilos!